The Lecher Antenna Adventures and Research in Geobiology and Bio-Energy: second edition (Paperback)

The Lecher Antenna Adventures and Research in Geobiology and Bio-Energy: second edition Cover Image
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In The Lecher Antenna Adventures and Research in Geobiology and Bio-energy the reader is taken on a journey with the author, Anne-Marie, that starts in the Titanic Quarter in Belfast in Northern Ireland from where she travels to Scotland to study the ACMOS bio-energy method and where balancing a co-student takes her and the reader back into Scottish history. She then returns to the Westcoast of Ireland, her new found home, where she takes you with her to ancient sites like Carrowmore, Knocknashee and Gillighan's World, Creevykeel, the Holy Well, Carrowkeel, Maeve's Cairn on Knocknarea and where she measures the energies, as well as at a recently handmade labyrinth and triple spiral. She writes about her discovery of another type of Leyline, a special sacred grid, walls of energy, an inter-dimensional portal and orgone. She decribes her research and experiments with quartz -containing stones and several crystals in her home where she recreates the walls of energy very easily similar to those found at points of cosmic energy. She summarises two methods for bio-energy balancings and writes about how the Lecher antenna miraculously saved her mother's life . She demonstrates the effectiveness of Lecher antenna interventions by means of Lecher antenna bio-energy balancings of persons who show relief from suffering from all kinds of common diseases, aches and pains. She also elaborates on how the Lecher antenna proves to be very useful in relating the cause of some of these ailments to the person's homeplace and gives the reader a short introduction to geobiology in order to better understand the reason for a homeplace to have an effect on its inhabitants' health.This second edition contains an introduction to geobiology and geopathic stress, new cases and also cases related to the homeplace and was updated with results of more recent elaborate research.
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ISBN: 9789082802672
ISBN-10: 9082802678
Publisher: D/2019/14.736/03/Delmotte Vibrating Energies
Publication Date: May 9th, 2019
Pages: 102
Language: English