Metal Fatigue: What It Is, Why It Matters (Solid Mechanics and Its Applications #145) (Paperback)

Metal Fatigue: What It Is, Why It Matters (Solid Mechanics and Its Applications #145) By L. P. Pook Cover Image
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This is book number 145 in the Solid Mechanics and Its Applications series.


Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: Historical Background: 2.1 Introduction, 2.2 Experimental Work, 2.3 The Modem Era; Chapter 3: Constant Amplitude Fatigue: 3.1 Notation, 3.2 S/N (W hler) Curves, 3.3 Scatter in Fatigue Data, 3.4 Mechanisms of Metal Fatigue; Chapter 4: Variable Amplitude and Multiaxial Fatigue: 4.1 Introduction, 4.2 Mathematical Description of Fatigue Loadings; 4.3 Miner's Rule, 4.4 Standard Load Histories, 4.5 Multiaxial Fatigue in Metals; Chapter 5: Fatigue Design: 5.1 Introduction, 5.2 Failure Analysis, 5.3 Situations, Philosophies and Approaches, 5.4 Product Liability; 5.5 Safety Regulations; Chapter 6: The Uncracked Situation: 6.1 Introduction, 6.2 Effect of Surface Finish; 6.3 Effect of Mean Stress, 6.4 Effect of Multiaxial Fatigue Loading, 6.5 Effect of Notches, 6.6 Bicycle Crankshaft Analysis; 6.7 Scatter under Variable Amplitude Fatigue Loading; 6.8 Improvement of Fatigue Life; Chapter 7: The Cracked Situation: 7.1 Introduction, 7.2 Initial Crack Size; 7.3 Final Crack Size; 7.4 Constant Amplitude Fatigue Crack Propagation, 7.5 Variable Amplitude Fatigue Crack Propagation, 7.6 Fractography; Chapter 8: Fatigue Crack Paths: 8.1 Introduction, 8.2 Crack Paths in Two Dimensions, 8.3 Planar Crack Paths, 8.4 Crack Paths in Three Dimensions; Chapter 9: Why Metal Fatigue Matters: 9.1 Introduction; 9.2 Avoidance of Fatigue Failure; 9.3 Research and Development; 9.4 The Role of Non Destructive Testing; 9.5. Current Trends; Appendix A: Fracture Mechanics; Appendix B: Random Load Theory and RMS; Appendix C: Non Destructive Testing; References; Index.
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ISBN: 9789401776455
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Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: August 23rd, 2016
Pages: 271
Language: English
Series: Solid Mechanics and Its Applications