The Hockey Quiz Book: NHL Fans and Sports Gurus Welcome (Paperback)

The Hockey Quiz Book: NHL Fans and Sports Gurus Welcome By Craig P Cover Image
By Craig P
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A hockey stick, a puck, the rink, and infinite possibilities.
If you have ever experienced the thrill that watching an ice hockey game can give you, you are definitely a fan of the sport. Very few other sports, except for perhaps boxing, present the same combination of artistry, technical mastery, and violence.
On the ice, at first glance, most of the players might seem interchangeable, but their personalities and foibles come to the fore even as you watch them over the course of a season. You know which ones are dependable, which are most eager for play, which are always on target, and which are the greatest sportsmen.
This book starts you off with some simple questions about hockey players who had a glittering career on the ice, and quickly pivots to trivia contests about obscure players whose names you will definitely have to look up.
Therefore, it is an ideal mix of learning and putting your sports memory and knowledge to the test.
Do you think your brain can go out on the ice one last time, and skate its way to athletics trivia glory?

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ISBN: 9798215849033
Publisher: Mabel Tilson
Publication Date: January 25th, 2023
Pages: 372
Language: English