The Cave of Obadiah A devotional (Paperback)

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The Cave of Obadiah is a 31 day devotional focused on increasing the appetite of the believer and those who are curious about the Hebrew Scriptures. Dive deep into Hebrew words and wipe the dust off of your Bibles as you learn new meanings and context behind what the original Bible authors intended. I believe the Bible was inspired by GOD and that HE orchestrated it that they be recorded in Hebrew therefore, it is worth the investigation behind words to really flesh out what the Bible authors were trying to communicate. Take into consideration the very well know Bible verse coming out of the Book Of Psalms, the forty-sixth psalm verse ten. "Let go and know that I am GOD." When you look at the root word for the phrase, "let go," you would be delighted to know that it can also mean "to relax." From this one Psalm you can glean the imagery of a warrior letting go of his or her weapon as the root word in this text can also mean "to let drop." Let go of your weapons and anything else opposing your doorways to receiving the more insight that GOD has for you and immerse yourself in the sweetness of the text of the Holy Scriptures

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ISBN: 9798218317836
Publisher: Ovadyah
Publication Date: November 17th, 2023
Pages: 50
Language: English