Wok Cookbook: 2 Books in 1: A 140 Recipes Journey For Classic Asian Dishes (Paperback)

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Are you looking for a Wok Cookbook with 140 easy tasty and spicy recipes?In this 2 books in 1 edition by Maki Blanc and Emma Yang, you will learn how to make at home classic Asian recipes.

In the first book, Wok Cookbook, you will learn 70 recipes for traditional asian food cooked in many ways using a wok.

Asian food, including dishes from Thailand, China, Malaysia, Korean, Japan and more has one thing in common: the wok.

From New Delhi to Bangkok, in every restaurant and home kitchen you can find at least one rounded pot for preparing a wide range of dishes.

Invented - allegedly - in China around 100 AD, originally used for drying grains, became quick a fundamental tool in every kitchen for two main reasons:

The deep bottom allows to collect all the ingredients, juices and flavors for having tasty recipes and perfectly cooked dishes

It can be used for boiling, braising, deep and stir frying, smoking, roasting, steaming and more

Can you use a wok for other dishes outside the asian cuisine? Yes you can If you can boil Chinese noodles, you can definitely boil Italian pasta or prepare a stew from French or Nordic cuisine.

In Wok Cookbook by Maki Blanc you will learn:

  • How to use wok cooking at home
  • 70 recipes for asian food prepared using wok
  • 70 easy recipes with ingredients that can be found at the local supermarket

If you want to add a flexible item in your kitchen and prepare Asian Dishes to impresses family and friends, this cookbook is for you

In the second book, Wok Cookbook by Emma Yang, you will learn how to cook at home traditional and modern Asian food.

With its rounded bottom and a shape that cannot be confused with any other pan in the world, the wok has become one of the most present items in every kitchen in the world. It might have been you long awaited wish or it could have been an unexpected gift, but in both cases cooking using a wok has something special. Part of this vibe does come from the natural inclination of every wok towards cooking the most amazing Asian recipes.

Woks can be used for various types of cooking techniques. From boiling to frying, thanks to the deep bottom, from braising to grilling, this pan can cook perfectly a stew, French fries or a delicious bowl of ramen noodles. Thai, Indian and Chinese cooking traditions rely on this pan a lot and for its versatility it is a common treat of all the Asian food culture.

In Wok Cookbook by Emma Yang you will learn:

  • 70 recipes for preparing traditional wok Asian food at home
  • How to cook real Asian dishes at home with wok
  • Easy to follow recipes for surprising friend and family

If you love Asian flavors and you want to get closer to the Asian culture with food and cooking techniques, this cookbook is for you

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