iPhone 12 Cameras Guide: A Complete Tutorials to Professional Cinematic Videography and Photography Tips and Tricks Using the iPhone 12 Pro and (Paperback)

iPhone 12 Cameras Guide: A Complete Tutorials to Professional Cinematic Videography and Photography Tips and Tricks Using the iPhone 12 Pro and By Adams Jonathan Cover Image
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As a professional photographer and videographer, get ready to improve your career by studying the camera capabilities of your new iPhone 12. You will be amazed at how you can snap and shoot high-resolution videos and pictures with great precision. These Cinematic videos could be uploaded on YouTube, while the pictures can be uploaded on Instagram and other social media platforms. If you are a beginner in photography or video productions, purchasing the usual digital cameras could be very expensive. With your iPhone 12 devices, you don't have to worry about acquiring digital cameras. All you need is to study this book and understand how to use the features of your iPhone 12 in capturing real-life images. Other things you will learn are:
  • Highlighting the Potentials of iPhone 12 Cameras
  • Using the iPhone 12 Control Center
  • How to Add Camera App to the Dock
  • Accessing iPhone 12 Cameras Quickly
  • How to take Shots in Multiple Ways
  • Activating the Grid Guides
  • Shooting in Burst Mode
  • Ways to Set Up Exposure and Manual Focus
  • Taking HDR Pictures
  • How to Take Manual Photos
  • Turning Off Auto HDR
  • Accessing various Types of Pictures Quickly
  • How to Take a Live Photo
  • Taking Panorama Pictures
  • How to Edit Live Pictures
  • Playing a Live Photo
  • Using iPhone Portrait Mode in Taking Portrait Pictures
  • Using Depth Control
  • Changing the Level of Blur with the Depth
  • How to Take Pictures using Filter
  • How to Take Pictures in Low-light with Night Mode
  • How to Change Video Resolution and Frame Rate with Quick Toggles
  • Changing Aspect Ratio
  • Recording a Video
  • Converting Normal Video to Slo-Mo
  • How to Record a QuickTake Video
  • Shooting a Slow Motion Video
  • How to Slow-Down or Speed Up a Slow Motion Video
  • Using a Third Part app to Make Your Video Fast or Slow
  • The Potentials Of iPhone 12 Photo App
  • How to View Videos and Photos
  • Browsing Pictures
  • Editing Live Photos on iPhone
  • How to Add Effects to a live Picture
  • Playing a Live Photo
  • How to Play a Live Video
  • How to Play and Customize a Slideshow
  • Deleting and Hiding Videos and Pictures
  • Removing Pictures and Videos from Existing Albums
  • Deleting, Renaming, and Reorganizing Existing Albums
  • Sorting Pictures in Albums
  • Filtering Pictures in Your Albums
  • How to Arrange Albums in Folders
  • How to Share Videos and Pictures in iPhone 12
  • How to Share or Save a Video or Picture You Received
  • Using Picture Editing Software for iPhone 12
  • How to Retouch Your Pictures
  • Fixing the Colors on a Picture
  • Using the Photo App to Modify Colors
  • How to Remove Photo Casting
  • How to Use Adobe Lightroom
  • Handling Panel in Loupe View
  • What is the Edit Panel?
  • How to Apply Selective Edit
  • Removing Unwanted Images and Spots in your Photos
  • How to Crop Pictures
  • How to Use FilMic Pro App for Cinematic Video
  • Using the FilMic Pro for Better focus
  • Setting Resolution in FilMic Pro
  • Selecting Aspect Ratio
  • Adjusting Frame Rate on Filmic Pro
  • How to Set White Balance
  • Adjusting Exposure in FilMic Pro
  • iPhone 12 Device Settings
  • How to Record Videos on the FilMic Pro
  • How to Manage Presets in your Pictures
  • Copying and Pasting Edits
  • Sending your Pictures to Photoshop using an iPad
  • Sharpening your Pictures with Noise Reduction
  • And many more. ...
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ISBN: 9798566555935
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 17th, 2020
Pages: 106
Language: English