The Doctrine of Chances (Paperback)

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-"Beyond doubt, Charles Sanders Peirce was one of the most original minds of the later nineteenth century and certainly the greatest American thinker ever." Bertrand Russell, 1959This is the 6th book in the "Readings in Pragmatism" series. Unlike previous philosophies, Pragmatism assumes the existence of pure chance in the working of Nature. According to Peirce, "chance" is an irreducible element, and any form of determinism can only emerge from possibilities. This he calls "the Doctrine of Chances."The theories of statistics and probability we know today are based on the scientific and mathematical studies of the 19th century. Peirce was one of the pioneers in both fields. By improving the works of Augustus De Morgan and George Boole, Peirce gave the logical foundations for theories of statistics and probability. He invented the mathematical formalisms we are still using today.This book is one of the essential readings for statisticians, students of sciences and engineering, and gambling enthusiasts. It is the most straightforward and most-educated account on statistical and probabilistic thinking, reasoning, decision making, and problem-solving.In this article, you will discover:
  • The logic theory behind statistics
  • Logical reasoning in probabilistic scenarios
  • The scientific foundations of statistics
  • The history of probability theory
  • Distinct modes of probabilistic inference
  • The basic calculations for gamblers
  • Solutions to Gambler's fallacy and other famous fallacies
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ISBN: 9798647071583
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 20th, 2020
Pages: 28
Language: English