When The Kids Come Back: A Return-To-School Guide After the COVID-19 Pandemic (Paperback)

When The Kids Come Back: A Return-To-School Guide After the COVID-19 Pandemic Cover Image
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The return of traditional school will pose challenges that educators and parents have never before faced. Academically, children are likely to be in many different places. Socially and emotionally, their isolation, increased screen time, and any social problems like cyberbullying mean that schools have to be prepared to cope with students who have gone through a pandemic, a deep recession, and new social unrest and changes. Students may have known people who became sick or even died; who lost jobs; or who were injured. This book is designed to help educators and parents on a very practical level, with TO DO lists for this summer, late August, and the beginning of school. Further, these lists of suggestions are separated by the role that the adult plays: Parent, School Administrator, School Counselor, and Classroom Teacher. For example, Teachers can be given a short list of trauma symptoms to look for in students, and can send younger students pictures of themselves both with and without masks on. Administrators can develop a quick guide for parents with relevant phone numbers, and a FAQ sheet for staff who answer the school phone. Parents, of course, can help their children cope emotionally by maintaining comforting routines whenever possible. The research that has been done during this pandemic, and during past natural disasters, helped inform the practical recommendations found in this book.
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ISBN: 9798654237675
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 15th, 2020
Pages: 74
Language: English