Explicit Romance Novels (2 Books in 1) Lesbian: Gangbangs, Threesomes, Anal Sex, Taboo Collection, MILFs, BDSM, Rough Forbidden Adult (Paperback)

Explicit Romance Novels (2 Books in 1) Lesbian: Gangbangs, Threesomes, Anal Sex, Taboo Collection, MILFs, BDSM, Rough Forbidden Adult By Pamela Vance Cover Image
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You are a step away from finding the best collection of hot, steamy, and passionate sex stories that will keep you entertained, relaxed, curious, excited, and very horny for hours on end

We all have wild sexual fantasies that we wish could come to life. Some are taboo, though, so we know they can't happen in our real world, but we still can't help but think about them, if presented with the opportunity to fantasize about them

That's what this book aims to achieve - push the boundaries of what's possible in your world so that you get a peek of the taboo wild sex fantasies that are deeply embedded in your mind

The sizzling hot erotic stories in this book will help unleash your wildest fantasies by freeing you of the guilt and pushing your sexual desires to the limit.

Studies show that 30 to 45 minutes of listening to erotic sex stories results in a good mood, healthy sexual communication between partners, and increased arousal. People who listen to sex stories have 74 percent more chances of having sex than those who don't. And this book will help you achieve all that and much more.

Do you have some wild sex fantasies that you would rather let them live in the fantasy world because they are so much of a taboo?

Would you rather let your imaginations do the work rather than watch the same old repetitive crap in the name of X-rated movies?

Are you looking for sex stories that will keep you entertained, horny, and looking forward for a possible release?

Are you looking for hot sex ideas to try out with your partner?

Are you excited and curious to know the dirty doings, naughty romps, and rough poundings of other people?

If so, this book is for you

Start listening, as it covers erotic taboo stories that will literally rock your world with pure lust, desire, and anticipation as you wet your pants

Literotica or erotic fiction allows you to be in control of your fantasies by giving you the freedom to set the pace, choose what kind of story to listen to, and indulge your imagination to picture what's happening exactly in the stories.

Whether you're into sexy fan fiction, queer sex, or you are just looking for steamy sex scenes to get you in the mood, this book is perfect for you.

These stories describe a world of forbidden desires and delicious aches that provide true explicit stories, true desires and true passion.

Get a chance to indulge in your wildest fantasies. What are you waiting for?

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ISBN: 9798702893327
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 31st, 2021
Pages: 266
Language: English