The Complete Guide to Middle School Math Book Grades 6-8 (Paperback)

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The COMPLETE GUIDE TO MIDDLE SCHOOL MATH Book Grades 6-8: PRE-ALGEBRA is created by American Math Academy to complete middle school mathematics, which includes: -30 Topics with Detailed Summaries-30 Challenging Tests-30 Worksheets-Total 800+ Practice QuestionsThis book brings together everything you need to know for the Middle school math-PRE-ALGEBRA. It will help you to cover all the math topics.CHAPTER I ARITHMETIC -The Number System-Order of Operations -Prime & Composite Numbers -Divisibility Rules -Least Common Multiple & Greatest Common Factor-Absolute Value-Fractions & Operations with Fractions -Decimal Numbers -Rounding Numbers -Laws of Exponents -Laws of Radicals -Scientific Notation CHAPTER II ALGEBRA - Algebraic Expressions -Equations with Two Variables -Solving Equations & Inequalities -Ratios, Proportional Relations & Variations-Functions -Linear Equations & Slope -Unit Rate & Percentages CHAPTER III GEOMETRY -Angles -Distance & Midpoint -Triangles & Type of Triangles -Similarity Theorem -Pythagorean Theorem -Coordinate Plane -Area & Perimeter -Circles, Circumference, & Area VolumeCHAPTER IV PROBABILITY & STATISTICS -Mean, Median, Mode, & Range -Probability -Challenge Tests Answers Keys

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Publication Date: January 10th, 2024
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