Letters From God (Paperback)

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Letters from God is God himself telling her what to write for him. She was only about the age of eighteen when this started. She would get the urge to write whenever the Lord would tell her to write. This whole book is truly only from God because she didn't finish school, only went to sixth grade. She can't read or write too well. Monica knew it was God instantly from the first time she wrote down one of her little letters from God in her phone, and when she stopped and read it, she knew it was God writing for her with her own hands because it was nothing like how she usually talks or spells. It was completely different.

God wrote this book. He would grab her eye from anything and make her write from just looking at it. She could be watching a movie or even driving a car. It didn't matter. God used any little thing just to get her attention. Half this book is of her doing daily activities, and God basically grabbing her attention so she can write what he's got to say. God had this planned the whole time for her to write about what he wants to tell the world. She never thought she could write a book in her life.

God would get her attention. It would be on a constant repeat in her head. Write this down or write until she would write. Every word in this book is directly from our Lord and Savior. He just used her to write. It's true author is God. All the Bible verses in the book all came from God to she didn't know all of them Bible verses off the top of her head. God would give her bits and pieces of verse, and she would look them up in the Bible. The Holy Spirit truly guided her through this whole book, from writing what God wants out there, to finding perfect scriptures in the Bible, down to even the drawings and design of the book. It is true. Ask God to help and guide, and he will, just like Monica who can't read but finished a book for her Lord and Savior because he wanted. He can do the same with you if you just allow him to

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ISBN: 9798886855302
Publisher: Christian Faith
Publication Date: October 26th, 2022
Pages: 100
Language: English