The Four Foundations of Golf: How to Build a Game That Lasts a Lifetime (Paperback)

The Four Foundations of Golf: How to Build a Game That Lasts a Lifetime By Jon Sherman Cover Image
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Lower Your Scores, Increase Enjoyment

Are you struggling to take your golf game to the next level? Learn the philosophy that has helped thousands of players worldwide lower their scores and improve their relationship with golf.

Swing tips come and go, but foundational golf skills last forever. Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced player, The Four Foundations of Golf will give you the blueprint to build a stronger, longer-lasting game. This is not your typical, fluffy golf guide that leaves all the important details out.

Since 2015, Practical Golf has been one of the top online game-improvement resources for golfers. Jon Sherman has written hundreds of articles, sharing his perspective as a "player-coach." You can finally get all of the methods he's used to become a scratch golfer and coach other golfers in one complete guide.

Every golfer wants to know the secrets to golf. But they are always looking in the wrong places. There are four foundations to building a successful game - expectation management, strategy, practice, and a sharp mental game. In each of these sections, you will receive tangible and actionable advice.

In this book, you will learn how to:

- Become a happier, more fulfilled golfer through expectation management

- Understand how scoring truly occurs and use modern data analytics to lower your handicap efficiently

- Learn a strategic framework a golfer of any level can quickly adopt - pick smarter targets with every club in your bag and watch your scores drop overnight

- How to practice efficiently. Get detailed, step-by-step instructions on methods that will increase your skills and finally transfer your practice range game to the course

- Improve your swing without thinking about your technique

- The secrets to increasing your distance used by touring pros and elite amateurs

- Use statistics to customize your practice sessions and strategy

- Learn mental techniques to calm yourself, build routines, and stand over the ball with more confidence

- And much, much more

Finally, you will no longer have to feel like you are lost and alone in your golf game. The Four Foundations will teach you how to be your own coach, and not waste time on methods that don't work. Stop listening to your friend's questionable tips and learn what all the greats have figured out.

If you like detailed, straightforward information with plenty of examples, you will love this book. It will reshape how you think about golf entirely and give you the tools and strategies to transform your entire game.

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ISBN: 9798986444208
Publisher: Practical Golf Inc
Publication Date: June 17th, 2022
Pages: 420
Language: English