Happy & Healthy: A Wellness Journal of Baby's First Year

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Richel, Peter
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Richel, Peter
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A guide for parents to the first year of doctor's visits, illnesses, and vaccinations The first year with a baby is chock full of wellness visits. What can parents expect at each one? What will the pediatrician be looking for during examinations? What should parents ask? What information should they share about their baby's feeding schedule, sleep habits, and so on? Dr. Pete demystifies these well visits and prepares parents for each one by covering the major growth & development milestones, examination details, typical vaccinations, and issues that may crop up at different ages and stages. Happy and Healthy also includes information about common newborn infections and viruses, the signs and symptoms of minor versus major illnesses, what to expect during a visit to the emergency room--including common tests and procedures--and how to prepare for a hospital stay. Each well visit chapter includes a write-in space for parents to record changes in their baby's height and weight, as well as notes from the visit. The logs at the end of the book enable parents to keep a handy record of such information as immunizations, test records, allergies and sensitivities, major illnesses, and important contact information.
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