[COVID-19 UPDATE: August 10th, 2020]

For this semester, we are focusing our buying efforts on courses aimed at freshmen and sophomore undergraduates, specifically those courses which will be held on campus. However, students of all disciplines are welcome to shop with us online at We ship nationwide.
We will reevaluate what our capacity will be for spring classes, once we are closer to December.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Will you carry books for a class I’m teaching?

Yes. Please sign into our coursebook website to fill out an order form.

Is there a deadline for submitting my coursebook orders?

No, but the sooner the better! Often we can get all the coursebooks your students need within a few days, but sometimes there are problems—and the sooner we know about them, the easier it is for us (and you) to adapt. If you submit orders a month before the start of class, we’ll usually have enough time to deal with any issues that might arise.

One of the books I’d like to assign is out of print. Can you still supply copies for my students?

Sometimes. In many cases it is prohibitively difficult for us to supply copies of out-of-print titles, but it’s always worth checking!

I’d like to receive free desk copies of the books I’m teaching. Can you get these for me?

Book Culture does not supply desk copies to professors. These should be requested from the books’ publishers. Please let us know if you need their contact information. If we have a book in stock and you’d rather not wait for your desk copy to arrive, you can purchase it at Book Culture and then return the desk copy to us for a refund (provided it’s in saleable condition).

I'm having trouble with the coursebook website. Is there some other way I can submit my coursebook order?

Please feel free to submit coursebook orders via email to, call us at (212) 865-1588 and place the order over the phone, or stop by and submit your order in person.