Book Culture Town Hall and Bagel Breakfast

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Event date: 
10/19/2019 - 10:30am

Our update this week is an invitation to all of our Book Culture members to join us upstairs at our store on 112th street, Saturday 10/19 for a terrific spread of bagels and cream cheese and coffee and juice. It will be a festive and informative occasion with pumpkins and diversions for kids like Halloween crafts and a picture book reading.

We have tried to keep all of you apprised of our status through these missives, but email becomes woefully inadequate to really provide an understanding of how Book Culture got here and how we can effectively regain our financial footing.  The truth is - we aren’t out of the woods yet. And folks have questions that require a more direct answer while we are all face to face in the same room. 

If you are coming from another neighborhood or usually shop at another store, that is all the more reason to stop by on the 19th. Our store on 112th street has been open for 23 years and it’s pretty special.  I will talk more about our Book Culture stores, our promising Community Lender Program - and life in New York City and what we can do to preserve our stores and communities. 

I have yet to meet in person so many of our Community Lenders and this would be a great time to visit the shop at 112th street and say hello, and everybody at Book Culture would love to have a chance to say thank you to all of you.     

This week we have just nudged up a bit from our last update to $367,000 raised. We have a long way to go to achieve a viable future for our stores and we would love to make you part of our story. Check out our support page for more in depth and historical information about our struggle and our response to it, or just come to our Town Hall. 

Thank you all for you support, 

See you on the Saturday the 19th!

Sincerely, Chris Doeblin 

Event address: 
Book Culture 112th
536 W. 112th St.
New York, NY 10025