Columbus: Belinda Luscombe on Marriageology

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06/04/2019 - 7:00pm

Join us at Book Culture on Columbus as Belinda Luscombe discusses her new book, Marriageology: The Art and Science of Staying Together on Tuesday, June 4th at 7pm!

A smart and concise guide to staying together that draws on scientific findings, expert advice, and years in the marital trenches to explain why marriage is better for your health, your finances, your kids, and your happiness

Like you, probably, Belinda Luscombe would rather have had her eyes put out than read a book about marriage; they all seemed full of advice that was obvious, useless, or bad. Plus they were boring. But after covering the relationship beat for Time magazine for ten years, she realized there was a surprisingly upbeat and little-known story to tell about the benefits of staying together for the long haul. Casting a witty, candid, and probing eye on the latest behavioral science, Luscombe has written a fresh and persuasive report on the state of our unions, how they’ve changed from the marriages of our parents’ era, and what those changes mean for the happiness of this most intimate and important of our relationships.

In Marriageology Luscombe examines the six major fault lines that can fracture contemporary marriages, also known as the F-words: familiarity, fighting, finances, family, fooling around, and finding help. She presents facts, debunks myths, and provides a fascinating mix of research, anecdotes, and wisdom from a wide range of approaches—from how properly dividing up chores can result in a better sex life to the benefits of fighting with your spouse (though not in the car) to whether or not to tell your partner that you lost $70,000. (The last one is from firsthand experience.)

Marriageology offers simple, actionable, maybe even borderline fun techniques and tips to try, whether the relationship in question is about to conk out or just needs a little grease and an oil change. The best news of all is that sticking together is easier than it looks.

Belinda Luscombe is an award-winning journalist who has worked for Time magazine for two decades. Luscombe has written numerous, much-discussed, culturally influential cover stories on marriage, pornography, Sheryl Sandberg, parenting, women in the workplace, and “How to Stay Married,” which was the basis for this, her first, long-awaited book. She won the Council on Contemporary Families Media Award for Print Coverage. Luscombe has been married for twenty-five years and has two children.

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Book Culture on Columbus
450 Columbus Ave.
New York, NY 10024
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