Columbus: Diverging Elements presents "A Letter to Auntie Rosa"

Event date: 
02/06/2016 - 2:00pm

Join us on Wednesday, Feburary 6 at 2pm as Diverging Elements Theatre Co. presents their new original production, A Letter to Auntie Rosa.

A Letter to Auntie Rosa, written by Angelica Chéri, and with original music by Ross Baum and Ben Holtzman of RANGE a cappella, is inspired by the relationship between Rosa Parks and her niece Sheila McCauley-Keys. It captures a pivotal moment in Sheila’s life when she realizes the impact her heroic aunt had on American history and society. Through this moment of discovery, Sheila’s perspective on her aunt and on our country's history will be forever transformed. On creating the piece, Sammy Lopez, Producing Artistic Director, says “it has made us eager to know more about who Rosa Parks was as a woman and what gave her that internal strength to refuse to move to the back of the bus. We aim to tell stories that will make younger audiences ‘lean in’ and want to learn more, and this show is the perfect opportunity.”

The production stars Betty Ethere and features the a cappella talents of Izzie Flores, Angela Travino, and Jeremiah Haley of RANGE a cappella. Direction is by Sammy Lopez with Production Management by Kayliane Burns.

"Stories in 4D" is an interactive multimedia storytelling experience with performances, talkbacks and hands-on crafts individually created to promote and explore stories written by local New York authors.

Event address: 
450 Columbus Ave.
New York, NY 10024