Community Event: Jane Guskin & David L. Wilson

Event date: 
11/21/2019 - 6:00pm

Join authors Jane Guskin & David L. Wilson on Thursday, November 21st at 6pm for a participatory discussion of themes from their book, The Politics of Immigration.

In The Politics of Immigration: Questions and Answers, Guskin and Wilson explore the intersection of migration, race, labor, politics and social change. The authors will share insights and selections from the book while engaging the audience in an interactive exchange of ideas. Bring your questions and an open mind.

About the Presenters:

Jane Guskin and David L. Wilson have been writing since 1990 about immigration policies. First published in 2007, The Politics of Immigration is an effective tool to confront current stereotypes and disinformation. Its second edition fully covers how the immigrant rights movement grows in size and energy and provides readers with information on the historical significance of the immigration phenomena in the United States.

"This book gives powerful meaning to the slogan 'No human being is illegal.'" - Howard Zinn

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Note: Due to the structure of this discussion, tickets will be limited.

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Event address: 
New York City Department of Records and Information Services
31 Chambers Street
New York, NY 10007