In-Store Gift Card

Our gift cards are perfect for people who live near our stores or are planning on visiting us. When you purchase a gift card, we'll mail a physical card to your desired recipient or place it on hold in our store. These gift cards cannot be used on our website, however they can be redeemed in person or over the phone.

Our gift cards come in a holder in which we write the recipient name, the sender name, the amount, and an optional note. (Please see the image below to give you an idea of how much space there is for the note. We can usually fit a sentence or two.)

Gift Card Front:


Gift Card Holder Inside:


* In-Store Gift Cards are primarily for in-store purchases while Online Gift Cards (also called "Gift Codes") are primarily for online purchases, but if you're not sure how you'll be using it, don't worry. We can always switch what kind it is when necessary. Please contact, call us at (212) 865-1588, or ask a manager in our stores for help switching between the in-store and online gift cards.