Sell Us Your Books

Where and when do I bring my books?

Bring your gently used, resellable books to Book Culture (on 112th St.) between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Saturday, and we’ll assign them a value in cash or store credit. To sell us your books, you must have a valid government- or university-issued photo ID.

How much will I get for my books?

For books that we are interested in buying, we will pay up to 20% of the resale value in cash or 30% in store credit. Books in high demand have the most value. We offer no money for books of little resale value.

How do you determine how much you will give?

We primarily use two resources: 1) our sales history and 2) other online resources, including Amazon used price and ranking.

How do your prices compare with other book buyers in New York City?

Overall, we pay the most.

How long will it take? Do I have to be there when you go through my books? Can I just leave my books with you?

It can be quite a quick process, especially if your books have high resale value. We process books as time allows. Sometimes, there will be a line. Feel free to call ahead before you bring in your books.

If you leave books with us they become our property and we will consider them a donation. If you have too many books to carry in, please consult our library buyback page.

You must be in the store as we go through your books though you are welcome to browse as we do.

What about books that you don't pay for, can I leave them with you? Can I give you my books as a donation?

Any books that we cannot pay for you are welcome to leave with us. We have partnerships with two book donation service companies: One Planet and Better World Books. We also reserve the right to recycle books that are too worn to be re-read, and may put select titles into our bargain aisle to be resold for a dollar or two.

You are welcome to leave books with us as a donation, but since we are a for-profit company donations made to Book Culture cannot be itemized for a charitable contribution tax deduction.