Library Buyback Info

NOTE: We are not currently accepting inquiries about libraries. When we begin accepting them again, we'll remove this note.

If you have more books than you can manage to carry in, or if you have over 500 books that you would like to bring in to us, we offer a library pick up and buyback service. To be considered for the library buyback, you must first send us photographs of a representative sample of the books you were hoping to sell with their spines clearly visible.

Once we have determined that your library is a good fit for our store, we can arrange to come pick up the books and even box them up for you, although if we have to pick and box your books we will deduct the cost of these services from our final valuation. For a simple pick up, where you have boxed up the books yourself and have them for us ready at the curb, this fee can be as little as $40. For larger libraries where we have to travel a long distance or box up many books, we will have to consider the labor and material costs involved, and the cost can be as much as $150.

Once we have your books back at our store, we will process them over a series of weeks. When we finish going through your library we will make our offer in cash or 50% more in store credit.

To send in photographs to us of your library, please email them as attachments to with information about where you live and general overview of your collection.

To view our library agreement, please click here.


We cannot undo the process of evaluation and moving due to the labor, effort, and research involved: as we look through your books we will be physically pricing them and putting them on our shelves. We will also not keep aside any books that we cannot pay you for or put on our shelves: we will simply donate these books. Because of this stipulation, we insist that your books will become our property when we pick them up and you will be obligated to accept what we offer. We agree to make a fair offer consistent with our estimation of the library’s potential in our stores.