Cora The Crab

Cora is a crustacean, meaning she has a hard exoskeleton that needs to be shed, or molted, in order for her to grow. The molting process is remarkable, and happens multiple times over a crab's life span. Before molting her shell, Cora grows a new thin shell under her existing one, which is very soft following the shedding of her old shell, so she goes into hiding to stay safe until it hardens!

Soft plush fabric | Huggable and super cute | Comes with its own story!

This plush stuffed animal is securely sewn from high quality polyester and acrylic fabrics and filled with white polypropylene plush filling

Recommended for ages 3+ | No phthalates, lead, BPA, or heavy metals | We have our products and components tested in accredited labs for compliance with CPSIA and ASTM F963-11 safety standards | Please hand wash with light soap and cold water and let air dry

Size and weight | Product measures 11 x 18 x 3.75 in inches | 28 x 45.7 x 9.5 in centimeters | Product weighs approximately .24 pounds or .11 kilograms

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